"Veni, Vidi, Lumini"... At the age of 9, Jorge Amaral Ferreira, born in Amsterdam, started his journey into the world of photography!

Using a Kodak Instamatic 233, a present from his older sister, introduced him to the world of photography. From that moment on, he knew that photography would always be a challenge to him. Without any technical knowledge, he started shooting without reservations. At the age of 13, there wasn't a better way to learn the technical aspects of photography than changing from his original camera to an SRL camera, a full manual Praktica MTL5 (made in the DDR). Using this camera he learned how to use the natural light to capture the right frame. One can say, "no good light, no good picture!". His Portuguese influence helped him creating the name by which we would promote his work - Fotoluz!

Throughout the 90's, during his free time, Jorge Amaral Ferreira decided to enrol in a couple of photography courses: in Amsterdam, at the Fotogram, and in Eindhoven, at the Fotoacademie. Fotoluz shows his work since his early stages to the present, and with a glimpse of his work in the near future. Travelling around the world provides him the chance to capture the right light at the right moment. Photography is all about the right light; the right moment shows the feeling. Then, the viewer is able to say: "what a great picture!"
Believe it or not, to capture the right moment is a Hell of a Job!